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Are you a partner, director or on track to these positions? If so, you'll enjoy being part of a team that does things differently. You’ll help to develop a culture where ideas are not just shared, but we share responsibility for making them happen. Being part of something bigger, you’ll be inspired to make an impact.

We believe we’re best positioned to make a meaningful impact on the economy. Every day, we provide a diverse range of organisations with the kind of business and financial advice it takes to do this. Our ideas and insight empower our clients to make big decisions about the future and unlock sustainable growth. Through our fresh thinking and agile working, we help businesses, communities and our people to succeed.

'We see a great opportunity to continue to grow at speed.' Dave Munton, Partner

We work with the public sector to build thriving communities. We help businesses to achieve their objectives. And we work with regulators and financial institutions to build trust and integrity in markets.

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Our commitment to creating an inclusive working environment means differences are not only understood and respected but valued too.
 And our collaborative culture means we share ideas as well as the responsibility for making them happen. It's also important for us to understand how we can support you in your role, including exploring any reasonable and flexible working adjustments. This flexibility will enable you to bring your full self to work and be at your best.


Contact the partner and director recruitment team:

Our dedicated senior talent team is here to help you at every stage. We are always looking for potential directors and partners to join our firm. If you are interested in applying or having a broader career discussion with us, our team can be contacted through email or LinkedIn. We will be happy to discuss your options.

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A shared enterprise

Our unique culture is built around collaboration. Everybody here plays their part. We share ideas. We share responsibility. We share the rewards. Put simply, we’re better together

We work for clients across three markets

  • Large and complex clients – large employers and businesses of scale and complexity
  • Mid-market clients – medium sized businesses, the engine room of the economy
  • Public Services clients – public sector, Not for profit and wider civil society organisations

Having a market focus keeps us customer-centric and allows us to develop unique insights. It enables us to tailor propositions and create value for clients in each market segment, as well as positioning us well to capitalise on our brand position to drive future sustainable growth.

Across our three main markets, we provide our clients with a range of different services. Below is a summary of some of our core business areas.

What we do

Our role as an auditor is to act independently to support trust and integrity in the business.

Our clients operate in uncertain times. It’s our job to work with them to help them grow sustainably and fulfil their responsibilities. In audit, we work with clients of all sizes across many different sectors, providing the business and financial advice they need to grow and make great decisions about their future. With a relentless focus on quality and integrity, we help our clients to flourish.

You’ll work with clients at their sites, getting to the heart of how they work and the challenges they face. Making the most of your audit experience and client management skills, you’ll help our clients mitigate risks and work more effectively. More than that, you’ll contribute in making sure the whole business community is built on trust and integrity.

Public sector audit:

In a period of rapid change and significant financial challenge, public service bodies need help to keep them on track and to rise to the challenge.

We’re the number one supplier of public sector audit services with an enviable reputation for working across local authorities, the NHS and a range of other public services. Working in public sector audit will put you right amongst the action of bodies up and down the country that are shaping environments where people and communities can thrive.

The work we do with our clients is hugely important. They rely on us to make sure they understand the complex and ever-changing tax system and operate with integrity. By providing commercial insight and tax advice to help them achieve their business goals, we enable our clients to grow sustainably.

We’ve a variety of opportunities for talented leaders who can help to shape our strategy and grow both our reputation and market presence. A natural at building strong networks and trusted relationships, your credibility and expertise will enable you to help our clients grow sustainably and achieve their goals.

Creating an environment where everyone can flourish, you’ll develop your team and enable them be the best they can be. You’ll also play your part in making sure the whole business community is built on trust and integrity.

We’ve a wide range of career opportunities across our corporate and specialist tax teams. You can join us in such areas as corporate tax, employer solutions, innovation, financial services tax, private client, real estate, tax investigations, transfer pricing, restructuring, trusts and VAT. Whichever area you join us in, you’ll impact on the success of our clients.

Our clients trust us to provide them with business and financial advice they can count on. Supporting a variety of dynamic organisations, we deliver the insight, expertise and innovative solutions they need to unlock sustainable growth and navigate complex risks and challenges.

We help clients of all shapes and sizes who make a major contribution to the growth of the economy in the UK and beyond. We play a big part in supporting and shaping the UK economy and help to make sure the whole business community is built on trust and integrity.

This is an exciting time for talented leaders to join us. A natural at building strong networks and trusted relationships, your credibility and expertise will enable you to help our clients grow sustainably and achieve their goals. Influencing and shaping our strategy, you’ll build both our reputation and market presence. You’ll also develop and inspire your team, creating an environment where everyone can flourish and be the best they can be.

We’ve a variety of exciting career opportunities across advisory in areas such as corporate finance, transactions, financial services regulatory and complex, international and forensic insolvency. Whichever area you join us in, you’ll help make a direct impact in the success of our clients.

We play a key role in the success of the firm.

If you’re a talented leader, we can offer you the opportunity to impact on our success and wider business and operational strategies. Leading and inspiring your team, you’ll help them provide distinct expertise and high quality services to colleagues across all areas of our firm. You’ll build and manage strong internal client relationships, get under the skin of their needs and objectives.

We offer a diverse range of exciting career opportunities within central client services. Our teams include brand, marketing & communications, people & client experience, information systems, finance, quality, ethics & excellence and more. Whichever area you join us in, you’ll enjoy plenty of variety, opportunities and interesting work at the heart of our business.