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Career development

We strive to support all our people to excel in their career, in a way which works for the individuals and their career aspirations. Everyone is encouraged to engage with our Business School to proactively sign up to workshops and training opportunities that interest them, from confidence in presenting, to specialist technical training, to managing stress and resilience.

For every level, there is a “Stepping up” series, which aims to support individuals and prepare them for then next stage of their career. In addition we have a People Manager series of learning workshops, targeting both inexperienced and experienced people managers, to equip them with the tools needed to get the absolute best out of their teams, whilst managing agile and hybrid teams, and ensuring wellbeing is optimal.

We also run a number of development programmes for our people at specific levels and/or who are from diverse, under-represented groups, including: 


A 9-month development programme for all female and non-binary associate directors and senior managers. The programme has been specifically set up to enrich the careers for our senior women and non-binary people.

The aims of Elevate:

  • Elevate is aimed to equip our people with the mindset, network and leadership skills to and maximise professional impact​ and careers
  • We provide you a safe space for open dialogue and experimentation, and the opportunity to form lifelong connections with a close-knit group of peers
  • Enable our people to have built a wider network within the organisation to support them as they progress
  • Provide access to Partners, who will actively sponsor and advocate for the development of our people

There are also a number of events throughout the programme, covering topics such as:

  • Impact intent and power
  • Confidence and goals
  • How to say yes and when to say no
  • Values and personal brand

Managing mindsets

A two-tiered programme for our managers, to enrich their careers by: ​

  • Equipping them with the skills and network to maximise their personal development 
  • Develop their understanding of equity vs equality
  • Build a collective mindset within our future decision makers, focused on maximising wellbeing for all of our people

There are two separate tiers to the programme - which run concurrently - with both tiers covering the same broad themes, but from different angles. The first tier is about hearing from amazing speakers to inspire and inform their thinking, talking about their experiences of the workplace.  The second tier is a set of masterclasses to equip and empower our people with practical skills for their professional lives. ​​

Over 12 months, the events cover topics such as:

  • Confidence in the workplace
  • The science of stress management
  • Effective allyship
  • Power in presenting


To support the careers of women at director level, we have Breakthrough, a programme which aims to support and enhance their careers, using a mixture of training sessions, group coaching and partner buddying over a 6 month period. The programme provides:

  • Visibility of the process to get to partner​
  • Visibility of the expectations and role of a partner (including financials)​
  • Developmental support to help prepare for the role
  • Building a peer support network to aid career management