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Flexible working and family

To flourish, our people need the freedom to balance their day-to-day lives with their work. This is why we’ve set out to create inclusive and flexible policies and practices for you to accommodate all your responsibilities and needs: children, family and beyond.

Our policies and practices around flexible working and family:

Agile Working
Agility is a mind-set that is based on trust and flexibility. We encourage our people to explore, within their teams, how they can work in an agile way which allows them to be at their best, deliver high-quality work and meet their responsibilities in and outside of work.

You can view our How we work guide, outlining our approach agile working and returning to the office. Please note, some links within this guide will not work outside of Grant Thornton. 

Flexible Working
The time you spend outside of work helps shape what you can bring to our firm. We value the commitments you may have outside of work and to demonstrate this, all of our people have an immediate right to request a flexible working arrangement under our flexible working policy.


Flexible working means something different to everyone. At Grant Thornton we have a trust-based way of working, driven by responsible people who have the best interests of our firm, and our clients at heart. The way we work helps us all to feel equally valued and included, and supported to live life to the fullest outside of work. This is how we work. This is how it should be. 

Adoption (including surrogacy) and Maternity Leave*
Our adoption (including surrogacy) and maternity leave policies are designed to provide flexibility and confidence for our parents and families 

Our policies offer our people: 

  • 52 weeks leave and 39 weeks statutory pay 
  • a family leave allowance (FLA) equivalent to 24 weeks pay (inclusive of statutory pay) 
  • flexibility to decide how to receive FLA throughout adoption/maternity leave 
  • option to transfer up to four weeks of FLA into shared parental leave. 

Paternity Leave*
Paternity leave enables non childbearing parents to spend some time with their new family. 

Our policy offers our people: 

  • ability to take up to six weeks paternity leave at full pay or a maximum of 12 weeks paternity leave at half pay (inclusive of statutory pay) 
  • the flexibility to split paternity leave into up to three separate instances in the first year.  
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Shared Parental Leave*
Under shared parental leave, the mother or primary adopter can decide to share up to 50 weeks leave and 37 weeks statutory pay with their partner. Our policy also enables parents to take leave together, at the same time.

Our policy offers our people:

  • four weeks family leave pay (FLP), equivalent to four weeks gross pay
  • flexibility to decide how to receive FLP during shared parental leave.  

Parental Leave*
Our parental leave policy enables parents to take up to four weeks unpaid parental leave per year, per child. We’ve removed the statutory length of service criteria so all parents can access this policy on joining the firm. Don't confuse this with any leave taken following the arrival of a new child that would count as maternity, paternity or adoption leave.


*Note: The information outlined above is intended to provide a brief overview of our current family leave policies, so does not include detailed information such as eligibility criteria or other policy requirements. We also need to make you aware that the firm also reserves the right to amend or withdraw our policies at any time. For full details of our current policies and eligibility requirements contact us or ask your recruiter during the application process.