Agile Talent Community

As the world is evolving, the way we work has changed with it. Now more than ever the need to be agile, open and collaborative is essential to business success. Traditional, full time roles are no longer always the right fit for everyone. We need more ways to work together.

The Agile Talent Community is a network of contract professionals given the opportunity to work with valued clients on a project-by-project basis and provided a range of support and development opportunities offered by Grant Thornton. You’ll get the freedom to work in a way that suits you, choosing the projects you take on, allowing you the independence to manage your time effectively. The Agile Talent Community will reflect the same values that sit at the heart of Grant Thornton: a commitment to diversity and inclusion, a client centric, quality driven ethos and a fundamental care for our people and doing what’s right, ahead of what’s easy.

What's in it for you?

  • The Agile Talent Community will reflect the same values that sit at the heart of Grant Thornton: a commitment to diversity and inclusion, a client centric, quality driven ethos and a fundamental care for our people and doing what’s right, ahead of what’s easy.
  • It will be a place where your experience, background and perspective matter, both to us and to our clients. We’re not just looking for people to work, we’re looking for people to shape the way we work, now and in the future.
  • We believe our success is intrinsically linked to yours and will provide necessary training and support whether you’re on a project or not.
  • From helping you navigate incoming regulation for freelancers to providing dedicated points of contact and offering training we will always be there to support, advise and help you develop.
  • A project focus lets you take on work as and when you want. The projects themselves will generally be full time, but this control allows you to create room around them for other priorities
  • Equally, we know you will need scope to pursue other interests whether personal or professional. The Agile Talent Community provides you that space without restriction.
  • This will provide access to a wide range of short and mid-term projects. Projects that will introduce you to valued client relationships and help you build your personal profile as you earn.
  • The project based nature of the work means you will see periods of high and low demand, but at all times it will be a space to build connections and network with other members of the community.

Who we're looking for

To join us, you will need to have a Right to Work in the UK (unfortunately we cannot sponsor individuals for our Community), great interpersonal skills and a passion for quality and excellence.

We offer a wide range of projects and opportunities, working for us as well as our clients. A sample of projects and work you can expect to get involved in:

  • Investigating corporates, regulators, and prosecuting authorities 
  • Maximising recovery of assets for victims 
  • Supporting on complex restructuring projects 
  • Identifying and managing cyber security and enterprise risk 
  • Supporting businesses through acquisitions, disposals, and refinancing 
  • Advising and coming up with creative solutions to help businesses meet strategic goals 
  • Conducting statutory audits
  • Assisting with non-statutory audits, including compilation reporting
  • Advising on financial reporting and solutions under UK and IFRS GAAPs
  • Financial Services, Pensions and Healthcare assurance 

Central Client Services (CCS)

  • Working across brand, marketing, and business development projects 
  • Designing, supporting, and leading on Information Technology work 
  • Supporting our people experience  
  • Responsible for and supporting the business on all compliance, quality, legal and risk issues  
  • Assisting and supporting all finance requirements such as payroll, credit control and business analysis

  • Helping clients to prepare and implement new legislation 
  • Working across prudential and conduct subject matters 
  • Consulting on IFRS II to IFRS 17 implementation and risk management 
  • Navigating accounting, regulatory, technology and operating model change and associated risks  
  • Assisting with internal audits and compliance assurance 

Financial Accounting and Advisory Services (FAAS)

  • Providing on-demand, project-focused accounting services for clients 
  • Supporting clients through year end, audit pack preparation and financial reporting changes 
  • Streamlining accounting and finance function processes
  • Supporting client finance functions through periods of significant change
  • Implementing and developing high quality reporting processes and controls 
  • Managing corporate, real estate and international tax issues 
  • Supporting transaction and restructuring tax operations 
  • Tax investigations and disputes Advising on employer solution matters 
  • Indirect tax support  

Hear from people in the Community:


Step 1: Applying  
You’ll first apply through our application website.  We’ll ask you for your CV and some basic details. If your skills match what we are looking for, one of our recruiters will get in touch and walk you through the interview process.  

Step 2: Interviewing 
The interview process will begin with a pre-screening discussion with one of our recruiters where we’ll want to learn more about your skills, motivations, interests and preferred way of working.  If there’s interest to continue, we’ll invite you to an interview with some of our key business leads that you may eventually work with. For some areas, there may be an additional requirement for a case or technical assessment as part of the interview process.   If successful, the final step will be to complete the contracting process and background checks.

Step 3: Joining 
Once your offer has been signed, you’ll be invited to join our Agile Talent Community and you’ll be ready to start working with our team to find the right opportunity! You’ll have a relationship manager that will be dedicated to your success, making sure you are aware of the training, development and networking opportunities available as well as being setup correctly to match you with the right projects based off your availability and skill sets.