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How to join us

It's a really simple process to join our Agile Talent Community, with just three steps. We want to keep things as straight forward as possible whilst also making sure that you are the right match for us and our clients. 


You’ll first apply through our application website.  We’ll ask you for your CV and some basic details. If your skills match what we are looking for, one of our recruiters will get in touch and walk you through the interview process.  


The interview process will begin with a pre-screening discussion with one of our recruiters where we’ll want to learn more about your skills, motivations, interests and preferred way of working.  If there’s interest to continue, we’ll invite you to an interview with some of our key business leads that you may eventually work with. For some areas, there may be an additional requirement for a case or technical assessment as part of the interview process.   If successful, the final step will be to complete the contracting process and background checks.


Once your offer has been signed, you’ll be invited to join our Agile Talent Community and you’ll be ready to start working with our team to find the right opportunity! You’ll have a relationship manager that will be dedicated to your success, making sure you are aware of the training, development and networking opportunities available as well as being setup correctly to match you with the right projects based off your availability and skill sets.