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Kai: Why I chose the Agile Talent Community


From a personal perspective, contracting with the Agile Talent Community provides the freedom to choose the work and roles that suit me best that I find not only enjoyable but challenging within different sectors, all relevant to my aspirational goals. This range of exposure also enhances my skills as a finance professional and as a person.  

The instant impact needed from a contractor is not only rewarding but allows myself to test my skills in different sometimes difficult circumstances, which provides experiences to fall back on and learn from as I continue to develop in my career.   

Contracting also provides flexibility for time off as I am not restricted to a certain amount of annual leave, and I can tailor contract start and end dates to suit.  

Financially, contracting has the added benefit of letting me decide what to do with the money I earn, such as pension contribution levels or other investments, which is hard to find as an employee. 

I am currently on my first project for Grant Thornton, working in London at a fintech company called, as part of a growing GT team supporting on year end reconciliations, the audit and process improvements, working alongside some super talented employees at 

I have developed massively in the short time I have been contracting for Grant Thornton due to the fantastic individuals leading the team, the skill sets within the team and the high level of expertise from staff at the clients. Training and support is also provided by Grant Thornton, which isn’t usually the case when contracting elsewhere.  

Since joining the Agile Talent Community, I now have more freedom to pursue my interests, I am a keen golfer and contracting has allowed me the flexibility to play and practice more.  

To anyone considering contracting, I'd day do it, it is the best decision I made! You get the contracting lifestyle with the support of a regulated firm that provides regular training and great people to work with and learn from, so it ticks all of the boxes from an aspirational, personal development and lifestyle point of view, combined with the prestige of working for Grant Thornton and their clients.

01 February 2023 at 10:45 AM