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Gabriele: the ATC gives me the flexibility I want


The most attractive feature of a contracting lifestyle is the variety and freedom it provides. The Agile Talent Community gives me the possibility to try out different clients and projects without committing to a role on a permanent basis. I can also choose the periods when I would like to be engaged and the clients I would like exposure to. I am at a stage in my career where I value this freedom, having worked for many years as an employee in a big firm. I am also financially more stable and therefore I can afford periods of inactivity and absorb changes to my schedule at short notice. 

 I joined the Agile Talent Community of Grant Thornton at the end of 2022. Since joining, I worked mainly for a specific client providing internal audit services in an outsourcing capacity. So far, I have managed a variety of projects within the same client. I have also given my availability and provided my curriculum for a tender which unfortunately have not materialized in an assignment for Grant Thornton, but it is a just a matter of time before I can gain exposure to other clients.  

 Having worked for a firm for almost 20 years, joining the Agile Community at Grant Thornton allowed me to experience different environments and cultures. Of course, I am still leveraging from the skills acquired in my prior job, applying the knowledge and experience gained to a different framework. However, when you work for the same firm for so many years, you may lose out in terms of flexibility and variety and become too rigid in your approach. Therefore, I consider working as an agile resource as a valuable addition to my curriculum and skill set. 

Working as a contractor provides a level of freedom that as an employee you cannot achieve. The freedom allows me to cultivate hobbies and spend time with my family. When you join the Agile Community, you are introduced to a relationship manager acting as point of contact within Grant Thornton and a tool where your availability is updated so that you can manage your commitments and deliverables and your time off from work.  

 The Agile Talent Community provides the opportunity to work with valued clients on a project-by-project basis. It also provides a framework and a support system where I feel part of a community, providing a dedicated relationship manager and the ability to tap on expertise and resources as well as a large and varied client base. Of course, working as an agile resource may not suit everyone as the autonomy and flexibility comes at the expense of a monthly check and other benefits which are generally provided to employees on payroll.  It very much depends on your preferences and financial circumstances.  

01 November 2022 at 11:01 AM

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