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Centralised Audit Services

Our Centralised Audit Services Team (CAST) provide an innovative and cost effective solution to the delivery of audit services and accounts production activity across multiple client types, industries and geographies.

Providing a high level of quality and professional services to assist through the audit process, the team supports the delivery of quality audits across the firm by performing a wide number of non-judgmental audit tasks and non-audit tasks.

From inception of the centre in Belfast in 2014 the business has grown to serving thousands of customers throughout the UK. We currently have over 120 permanent people supporting the audit practice, and the focus is now on ensuring that we are maintaining the highest standards of operational excellence whilst supporting the wider UK firm by expanding the offering across additional processes.

We're always looking for new people to join us, people who are looking to contribute as part of a team and are able to work independently to help us go beyond for our clients. 

A career in CAST can be a great entry into the world of accountancy. Read Ciara and Stephen's stories below to find out where a career can take you. 

Ciara - Quality Assistant Specialist 

I joined Grant Thornton in January 2019 as an administrator working in accounts production. I had no accounting background. My first live task was a fail but it was probably the task I learned the most from. After that I focused on the feedback given.  

My first promotion was the same week I had been in Grant Thornton for 1 year.

I spent the next few months developing my skill set, delivering training and providing support to the new starts coming through Accounts Production. In November 2021 I joined the quality team as an Assistant Quality Specialist and have started working towards getting my ACCA exams in accountancy. I can honestly say the people within CAST have been instrumental in my progress through Accounts Production.

Stephen - Team Leader 

My CAST journey began as an administrator in Accounts Production completing accounts. After 1 year, I decided to take up an operational role alongside doing accounts. 

I felt I wanted to expand my skillset and try the operational route.

I was therefore tasked with managing the Accounts Production tasks for the whole department which I thoroughly enjoyed and gained valuable organisational and communication experience. As a result of this and continued support from my people manager and many others within CAST, I gained a promotion to a Team Leader role in 2018 and have been in this role since then. The support I received from everyone within CAST, from day one with the team, has been second to none. 


Interested in a career with CAST - search our roles here.