SophiaSenior Manager, Public Services Audit


Senior Manager, Public Services Audit

I started my career with the Audit Commission and transferred to Grant Thornton in Nov 2012, but was on maternity leave so actually started working on April 2013. I was coming to a new firm but with familiar faces and some old clients.

I have two boys, Joshua and Lucas, who are the centre of my life (along with hubby of course!). Anyone working with me will be regaled with stories about my boys and their latest funny stories (sorry, I can’t help myself!).

I am proud of having made a success of flexible working. I am able to deliver a full client portfolio and deliver functional roles whilst working part time. I have a fulfilling career where I have progressed since my flexible working arrangement began and I am able to be there for my young family.

'Work and home life should go hand-in-hand. We all talk about having a work-life balance but not many people are able to achieve it.'

With remote working and technology available to us people should be able to work when they can be the most productive. For me, sometimes this means leaving the office so I can be home with my children after school, and then sitting down to work after they have gone to bed. We do not need to be a slave to 9-5. We can work flexibly around the demands of our clients, the business and home.

If I had not been able to work flexibly I probably would not have returned to work after having my first baby. For me, I wanted to have a balance of home and work. Once I achieved that, I felt I had it sussed and could do more. So, after my second lot of mat leave I returned to work knowing I could deliver my core job flexibly, looking for more of a challenge and to contribute more to my department.

For me this has helped me succeed in my career at Grant Thornton, working flexibly to the point where I could create capacity for myself to take on extra responsibilities that add value to my team.