RanjeetSenior Audit Manager


Senior Audit Manager

I've spent the last decade working in audit firms in different parts of the world. My client base is broad, with insurance companies, insurance brokers, banks, investment/asset management companies, investment funds, sovereign wealth and pension funds, and lending companies, to name a few.

I've been with Grant Thornton for a little over 9 months now, but already I've seen that the role offers much more than just day-to-day audit activities. I’ve been involved in over half a dozen business development proposals and am a CLEARR representative for the Financial Services Audit Team, which involves working closely with Grant Thornton’s Senior Leadership Team. Aside from being enjoyable, these opportunities help with personal development and broaden my skillset.

Alongside another director, I’m also leading the development of our safeguarding audit practice. This is a new compliance audit mandated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in July 2020 for the payment service providers and e-money issuers to protect customers’ funds.

This has been very rewarding, because we've been creating something from scratch. It's a new service opportunity and helping to develop a new service line involves a lot of learning and looking at the new regulatory requirements, going through documents, and making something new, which appeals to my creative side.

Doing what's right

 I had friends at Grant Thornton who vouched for the work-life balance before I joined, and it was something I had lacked for many years. I used to work long hours, including weekends. I've not worked any weekends since joining Grant Thornton, and it's easy to see the company is truly committed to staff happiness.

A great example was the decision to give two wellbeing days to all employees, which shows how much Grant Thornton is willing to support its employees during these tough times. I was moving to a new house and these extra two days really helped make the move less stressful.

There are also relatively more resources here, which creates a better and less-stressful working environment. By working together, everyone contributes to it being pleasant and enjoyable experience, and with better work-life balance.

In the past, I've always found that there are loads of written policies to support the staff, but in practice it rarely happens. I am pleased to experience that Grant Thornton really cares about its people.

For example, if I'm having issues like a high workload or I need some additional support, I reach out to my people manager or the relevant team members, and they're always there to help. That applies to any issue or concern, and it's an avenue that's open to everyone. There’s a culture of give and take here: the company provides space and flexibility for each team member to give their best work, which guarantees high quality work for our clients.

Having a voice

Of all the good things I have experienced at Grant Thornton, I would say the best has been that all employees have a voice here, from new graduates to senior members. The leadership team listens to everyone and takes positive action, which is again very rare in professional services firms.

This is instilled in all new staff members upon joining the company. I remember senior leadership members taking the time to meet me and being introduced to various people who are always willing to help regardless of how busy they are. The various activities on offer give further exposure to the senior leadership team, so from the outset it’s very clear to employees that they have a voice and will be heard.

Overall, I've found that the culture here is collaborative and supportive. People help each other, and that's the most important thing. Work is the same everywhere, it's people who make it more or less enjoyable.