Lending to entrepreneurs in the developing world

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Microfinance brings entrepreneurs in developing countries together with people who have the power to help grow their businesses through small seed investment loans. These loans help the entrepreneurs to access capital and grow their business. This can often not only benefit their livelihood but also their families and their local community.

Launched in 2012 the Lend with Care initiative has enabled individuals, leadership, business teams, and our offices to come together and support global entrepreneurs. To date we have supported 7,390 global entrepreneurs with over £83,000 microfinance loans.

Our microfinance support reaches 14 countries across three continents. These loans have supported people like The Goal Getter ladies, traders in bananas, avocados and yams in Zimbabwe. Chhuoert, a farmer in Cambodia and Prosper, an animal rearer in Rwanda. All their lives like many others have been transformed by the microfinance loans. Thanks to all the loans made so far entrepreneurs, families and communities now have access to safe finance and business growth, employment and skills, development opportunities, education and healthcare and nutritious food and clean water.

Perry Burton, Head of People and Culture says “It’s a simple idea where you truly get more out than what you put in. To be able to help entrepreneurs to grow their businesses is brilliant. It’s a sustainable solution which means more people, businesses and communities benefit globally as a result.” 

This article forms part of Growing Together in the Community, a celebration of Grant Thornton's sustainability activities and impact across our global member firms. To learn more, please visit our website.

(Photo credit: CARE International UK)

17 September 2019 at 10:56 AM    |   Posted by Daniel Arda

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