Five tips for Zero Waste Week!

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This week marks Zero Waste Week, a campaign to help you reduce landfill waste, save money and preserve resources. So, what changes will you be making to help the cause?

Throughout this week (2-6 September) and beyond, we encourage you to make changes, big or small, in aid of Zero Waste Week - an award-winning campaign raising awareness about the environmental impact of waste.

Our choices, both individually and as a firm, can make an impact. And we can make an impact together by reducing waste, learning to reuse, recycle and repurpose.

Karen Higgins, Head of Sustainability, says: “As a firm we managed to reduce our paper consumption by 14% over the past year, but we can all do more. One of our key environmental goals is to reduce our waste by 10% by 2023. So I encourage everyone to make changes, no matter how big or small.”

Here are five tips on how to do your bit:

  • Use more online resources, such as Skype to reduce business travel
  • Carry your own water bottle/re-usable cup
  • Make sure you recycle 
  • Unplug your phone/laptop charger when not in use
  • Keep it simple. A big part of being sustainable is to simply buy and own less stuff!

To learn more about Sustainability at Grant Thornton, please visit our site.

Pictured below: Grant Thornton volunteers at a river clean up event in London

02 September 2019 at 11:02 AM    |   Posted by Daniel Arda

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