Our positive action interview scheme for candidates with disabilities is now live

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Excitingly, we've recently launched our positive action interview scheme supporting candidates with a disability or long term condition. Candidates are given the option to opt into our scheme during the application process if they consider themselves to have a disability. For experienced hire applicants, if they meet the minimum criteria for the specific role (as stated in the job advert), they will be offered a guaranteed first round interview. For trainee applicants who meet the minimum criteria within our primary online application stages; we offer a guaranteed place on our final stage experience day. We’ll also make any reasonable adjustments and adaptations to our recruitment process for anyone who wishes to apply. 

Everyone knows that diverse teams are proven to be more profitable. As such, as a Resourcing function, we need to ensure all of our policies and processes are open, inclusive and transparent, enabling people from all and any backgrounds to apply for our roles. The introduction of a positive action interview scheme aims to bring more awareness of our inclusive processes to disabled candidates, whilst encouraging and supporting their application. We know that not all disabilities are visible, so this is an important question for us to ask during the application process so we can better support people who need it.

We are looking for ways to accept and support people through our processes, rather than looking for ways to reject them. We are opening our minds to consider what a person can do, rather than what they cannot do. We are challenging ourselves to think how the job design could be flexed to support different people with different skill sets, abilities and backgrounds. And we are more aware of how our candidates can add greater value to the role through enhanced diversity of thought , experience and perspective. 

So our hope with the introduction of this scheme is that we start opening more doors and opportunities to join our firm. As a result, this will open ourselves up to many more conversations with high quality candidates who might not have considered applying to us until now. The working world is changing and inclusion is necessary to drive a business forward. We want to be a leading force in this field. We know we still have more work to do, but the desire is certainly there, and we are taking the actions needed to reach our ambitions. 

If you’re interested in learning more about how we are creating a more inclusive culture, visit our diversity and inclusion page.  

19 June 2019 at 11:14 AM    |   Posted by Jemma Pearson

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