We truly believe that diversity of thought, mind, and experience are good for business. In 2017 we released our Gender Pay Gap report which found that at our most senior roles there was an imbalance of female and males in these positions.  We made a pledge to the HM Treasury Women in Finance Charter to increasing the percentage of female Partners from 16% to 22% by December 2020 and to 25% by December 2022. 

We took on this challenge, attacking it in all possible directions.  Looking at internal progression of our female people, creating a more agile and flexible culture and now supporting women in returning to work after an extended break. 

Having a gap in your CV can make securing a role really difficult.  However, probably the toughest part of returning to work is trying to transition your life back to the working world.  This is very challenging for anyone who has been on a career break. Take Gillian Forrest’s story for example, Gillian was away from corporate life for 15 years, supporting her family and managing her own businesses. Through our work with Women Returners in Scotland, we were able to take Gillian onto our Returners Programme and support her in her transition back to work.  “Now, over two months into the role,” Gillian shared, “I’ve started to get into my stride and I was thrilled to have my contract extended.  It has given me confidence, knowing that I am doing a good job.  Now, I’m starting to work directly with clients and I’m enjoying this interaction and being back in a professional working environment.”

 These stories are what drive us to create a more inclusive and supporting environment for our people at Grant Thornton.  We are in the process of interviewing new returners for our current national programme; keep an eye out for future returner jobs here - we are always open to supporting those who have had career breaks, whether part of a Returners programme or ad hoc recruitment.