3 Things I've Learnt in my First 10 Months at Grant Thornton

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Since joining Grant Thornton from a Big 5 consulting firm last year, I've learnt a lot about my new firm. Here are the top 3 things I've learnt:

1. It really is a company that cares

It's become common now for firms to advertise having a supportive and flexible company culture, but Grant Thornton has lived up to that claim during my time here so far. Not only does my office (London Finsbury Square) periodically provide free, in-office mortgage advisor and GP appointments for staff, but I've witnessed flexible and agile working genuinely in practice. Members of my team and wider practice making their work fit around their childcare and other personal commitments day-to-day has been the norm.

2. Grant Thornton aren't just a firm of accountants and auditors

The Advisory area of the business that I've joined is a prominent part of the business. It's home to an impressive range of expertise, covering everything from robotic technologies and cyber security, to experienced business strategy and IT SMEs. I've had the pleasure of meeting and working alongside colleagues with surprisingly varied career and personal experiences.

3. Being part of a full-service professional services firm has huge benefits

Coming from a firm that primarily did just consulting and IT work for clients, the huge pool of knowledge here has been refreshing to see. Through the work I've been involved with so far, we've been able to bring together know-how from all corners of the business - and I think this ultimately provides a better service to our clients. It also makes it very easy for me to learn about and support work outside of Financial Services Consulting, giving me more varied career experience. I'm constantly surprised and intrigued when I learn about the varied career paths my colleagues have had - ranging from professional athletes, to entrepreneurs and everything in between.

12 April 2019 at 11:41 AM    |   Posted by Amy McElwaine

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