Post-holiday blues?!

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As I write this today, I am currently recovering from jetlag following a wonderful 2 weeks in Mexico with my daughter and her dad for the start of the school holidays. 

I very much believe in work-life balance and the importance of 'switching off' so I did not take my work Blackberry with me and instead focused on quality family time and relaxing in the hotel spa. 

I had ensured that all of my clients had alternative contact details and that any in-progress projects had been handed over to one of my colleagues - who willingly offered to help in any way that they could. I feel very lucky to work for a team which pulls together and covers each others workload so that we can all have a well deserved rest or time with loved ones.

So this morning what did I feel? Post Holiday blues?! Not at all - I felt excited to check my emails (only 346 which is a record low for 2 weeks!) and refreshed and revitalised for the next few months!

I am incredibly proud of what my team achieved in my absence. A number of very good executive decisions were made without me and some first interviews held for potential new team members. Not only did I get to relax and unwind properly but my team had the opportunity to step up and demonstrate how amazing they all are #win-win.

Definitely no holiday blues here. Although I wouldn't mind having a view like this every day.…..

Posted by Becky Bunting   |    30 June 2019 at 11:08 AM

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