The Grant Thornton Annual Football weekend

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My colleague Monica Gizzi, Growth 365 Service Manager shares her story on the annual Grant Thornton football weekend. 

The Grant Thornton Annual Football Weekend is something that many of us have in our calendars years in advance. It always brings me great joy when I see the ‘HOLD: FOOTBALL WEEKEND’ calendar invite go around the office. 

We (GT Scotland) thought we were in for a chance of winning after Andrew Finlay’s empowering pep talk en route to Manchester. However, ‘sadly’ the women didn’t make it past the first group stages. The men did slightly better, with the A team making it into the knockout stage. We must remember it is all about taking part! Our new intern, Joanna, suffered an impressive bruise to the leg – literally taking one for the team!

Congratulations to the winning teams, Belfast (Men) and Liverpool (Women). 

Posted by Clodagh Walsh   |    21 August 2019 at 11:04 AM

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