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Today is  ‘’Dear Employer’’ day, a campaign by "Pregnant then Screwed" and Guilty Mothers Club asking parents to come together and use their collective pens to feedback to their previous (or current) employers and demand change by telling employers how it really is. 

I thought about taking the time to write to a previous employer to feedback on how appallingly I felt I had been treated during my maternity leave but this was over 4 years ago and I know that they have improved massively since my experience. Also, it doesn't really fit in with my positive, forward looking approach to life! I therefore thought that I would take the opportunity today to feedback and say thank you to my current employer for the things that make me so grateful to be one of many working parents in the firm. 

So here goes.....

Thank you Grant Thornton UK LLP for having flexible and agile working policies and a culture that allows these policies to be more than just meaningless pieces of paper or words. The culture has allowed me to be the mum that I would like to be, whilst still progressing in my professional career.

Thank you for the introduction of our new Returner programme which supports experienced and talented professionals to successfully return to the workplace after an extended career break of 18 months or more.

Thank you to my people manager for noticing that I looked tired and asking me if I needed some time off. It's so nice to feel that your employer cares for your wellbeing even if my tired eyes were simply the result of the school Easter holidays!

Thank you to my team for being interested in my family, and for allowing me to be interested in theirs too. I feel we all perform better and are happier when we can bring our 'whole selves' to work.

Thank you to the many men in my firm who are helping to shape change by taking shared parental leave and role modelling that it's ok to do so and still progress.

Posted by Becky Bunting   |    30 April 2019 at 11:33 AM

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