My typical week as an Associate Tax Director at Grant Thornton

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My 4 year old daughter often asks me what I do at work all day and that made me realise that one of the things that I enjoy most about my role at Grant Thornton is the variety of my typical 30 hour working week. 

A recent week went as follows:


This morning I checked the status of our tax return filings to ensure that all clients were in hand. As the leader of a regional corporation tax compliance team, this is a really important part of my role (particularly as we deal with over 1,500 UK corporation tax returns).

I then had a meeting with my audit colleagues to prepare for a competitive audit and corporation tax compliance tender with a potential new client. Getting the opportunity to meet new businesses and talk to them about their tax obligations, opportunities and risks is something that I really enjoy.

Finally, I reviewed the corporation tax accounting workings of one of my large corporate groups. This is the bread and butter of my tax technical role and I love the fact that I get to work with some really interesting businesses.


Today I was able to take advantage of agile working and attend a family reading session at my daughters school for World Book Day. I feel incredibly lucky to work for a Firm that is supportive of Agile Working in both words and actions, and that allows me to attend such events.

I spent the rest of the day working from home getting my head down to review a large number of final corporation tax returns for the client to approve before submission to HMRC.


Today was my Non-Working Day and I enjoyed taking my daughter to and from school. I have achieved 2 promotions during my time working part time at Grant Thornton and I feel proud to work for a firm that supports and enables progression for part time workers.


Back in the office today for a day of training and essential admin tasks. I completed my personal training on Ransomware and Tax evasion, as well as reviewing and approving the annual Continuing Professional Development records submitted by my team. At lunchtime we had a team 'Lunch & Learn' refresher session on the taxation of loan relationships and corporation tax interest deductibility.

In the evening, we had a team social evening at a Virtual Reality gaming centre followed by a meal out. Our team socials are a regular occurrence and really help to build team morale and spirit! 


More tax provisions and returns to review today! I also spent time reviewing our department billing to ensure that all appropriate fees had been issued to our clients this month.

A productive week at work - and look how happy my daughter was to have me visit her at school for one of their World Book Day reading sessions...….

Posted by Becky Bunting   |    12 April 2019 at 11:45 AM

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